Friday, March 17, 2006

Mad 24 Hours

I've not slept since the 3 hours sleep I had Wednesday night (til 03:20am). My mate from Australia was on a flying visit to Coventry, and believe me - we painted the town red. Half the city must have been kept awake as we shouted and sang on the way home at 2am in the morning. We had such a laugh being totally mad!

It's a pity I had to go to work after our night out, cos I still didn't get any sleep - but it was worth it. Pete is a total nutcase and now I can hardly speak as my voice virtually went.
Coventry Cathedral, Transport Musesum and Herbert Art Gallery will never be the same again...................

Thanks Peter for a great night on the town, you know how to party big time!

1. Drunken robmacca and Pete, holding a picture of the lovely Catherine from Australia.
2. Pete complete with war paint and funny face poses with robmacca and Catherine's pic.
3. We laughted our tits off when we saw this children's play area at the art gallery -interestingly, the display had been all about the alphabet!


  1. Awesome photos, Rob! How I wish I could have been there with the two of you - sounds like I missed out on a really fun nite. At least I was there in spirit, though (via photo).
    Can't wait 'til you get over to our shores again to party with us here.

    Love you!

  2. We'll party non-stop when I get to Melbourne!

  3. oh, now I know who this is!!!!! I'm glad you both had a very evident great time!!!!! :)

  4. I think fooking fantastic would be the term to use! Thank you so much for a great stay Robbie - I think it was the highlight!!!!!

    Keep seeing the Royal Mail vans and think of the sordid adventures of Postman Pat now!

  5. Pete - the pleasure was all mine, you REALLY made me smile.
    You know how to party and I totally loved our night out.

    I'm STILL on a high..............


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