Monday, March 13, 2006

Damn the Internet!

This is my long weekend off from work and hell, I seem to have wasted most of it stuck on the worldwide web............ Trouble is I'm easily distracted and once I start surfing I just can't stop.
Take today for example, I started 2 hours ago - just checking emails. Then I'm opening links from those emails, then I'm placing free adverts etc and before I know it I digress and I'm looking at the personals.

I really can't switch it off, damn the internet and my addiction!
I'm so nosy I just can't help but read everyone's adverts for sex.


  1. Bloody hell - we really are twins - I do exactly the same, its like the net is some weird time sucking monster. Or maybe we're too busy pervy we dont notice the time :)

  2. When I get days like that - I remember the scene from Absolutely Fabulous where June Whitfield (Eddy's mother)is on the net and says she got "caught in a porn cycle". So funny!

    I just wasted 7 1/2 hours online watching non-porn films and avoiding watching several people on their cams ......... I'm getting sucked in again.......

  3. Of course internet sucks.
    Hi from the hospitality club!

  4. if you stop watching porn Robbie, you can probably shave off 119 minutes each day. :)

  5. I'm not on porn ........honestly! Those days are long gone where I feel the need to look at porn, although I do "stumble" across it quite innocently of course while in this "cycle". Oh now look at me I'm getting distracted once again!

    Thanks for all your comments from x3l in England, Jonathan in Chile and the ever faithful Angie in Canada. You all keep me going Blog wise :-)


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