Saturday, March 04, 2006

Anita and Me

Tonight I watched "Anita and Me", another great British film defining 1970's Midlands life very well indeed.
Having grown up in a 1970's Midlands city myself - I could relate to a lot of aspects brought up in the film (ok, so it was related more to fashion rather than cross culture!). There really is something very unique about British cinema compared to Hollywood movies. Our films have a certain gritty/houmourous feel to them (Examples: Four Weddings and a Funeral, Full Monty) and capture "real" life very well, while addressing very well situations like race hate or sexuality. Meera Syal has transferred her real experiences growing up in the Midlands very well into a truly wonderful film.
Another bonus in the movie is the addition of the great British icon - the mini. It just capped it all for me! Call me sentimental but you need to experience this film for yourself. You night need the subtitles on if your not from the West Midlands. LOL.

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