Saturday, March 18, 2006

Funny Commonwealth Games Pictures

1. Watch out mate - you might hit your nose.
2. It's hockey not the high jump you donkey

3. Are you trying to catch flies or have you swallowed the shuttlecock?
4. "Wonder if anyone heard me fart?"

5. "I knew this would be an uphill struggle but this is taking the biscuit!"


  1. Thanks Rob, for taking the time out to visit my blog, and for leaving an encouraging comment, its truly appreciated!

    I love the blog, great stuff, and I will be linking to you when I fix my template!

    Be encouraged!
    Ha'va great day!

  2. Hello John, hope you get your template sorted out.
    What's your Blog address again (I can't see it on your profile).

    Gold Coast .......... I loved my time there :-)

    Are you an AoG Pastor?


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