Sunday, March 26, 2006

Coventry - A city to be proud of!

I've lived here all my life and there's a lot of hidden gems about my city that I love.
We have the majestic new cathedral, which is one of the most modern and unusual I've ever seen. Lady Godiva originated here and you can see the statue in the city centre.
Behind the scenes runs a restored canal system that can be seen at the canal Basin.
If busy city life isn't your thing then why not journey to the Coombe Abbey Country Park which is great on a hot summer's afternoon.
Sometimes you just want small, so the Toy Museum is an excellent choice as it's tucked away in the city centre. Just a five minutes walk away from the brand new Motor Museum - a must place to visit while in the city.

Coventry has it all - including the new stadium, a growing airport and a vibrant city centre. Yes, it has a lot of negative aspects we've come to expect with cities like this but I'm proud to be from Coventry!!


  1. oooh, never new the arena is new. going to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers there in July - can't wait!

  2. Yup , it's state of the art new - I was post a picture but the Blogger was playing up, so had to start again.

    I wanted to see the RHCP but missed out and wasn't gonna buy a ticket for just myself!

  3. well - i bought two just for myself...none of my mates have good taste in music (and the ones that have got their own tickets!) i got one spare if you want to see them *that* desparately! lol

  4. I'd love to go Ben so if you can't get someone decent to go - count me in.

    I'll keep it in mind so let me know nearr the time if you still have the ticket and I'll sort out the payment.

  5. Coventry is a strange kind of place when you've been brought up there. I think Coventrians always put down the city to each other whilst having a certain amount of pride in reality. After all, Coventry and it's people went through hell and back during the blitz and still have a fighting spirit - especially after a few drinks!!

    Don't forget SKA/Two Tone and The Specials,Selector (Pauline is actually a mate of mine - ooo sorry name dropping), King (Pink Umbrellas?), Fun Boy Three (Terry Hall gets everywhere), etc etc....(that means It's too late to think of any more - been away too long)

    Oh - did I mention Pete Waterman of Stock Aitken and Waterman who began his career as a DJ and Cov lad at the Locarno which is now the City library and played host to the Beatles and many other 60's icons......

    I am an outsider looking in now on Coventry and have been away for many years (actually not as many as you might think - I wasn't around at the time of the Locarno I just am aware of it!!). Manchester is probably more familiar to me in UK and ASIA is now my home.

    But - you can never take the Coventry outta the man - I'm a Cov kid and something about the place just draws me in. I was never 'sent to Coventry' , I was born there and I never thought I'd feel like this when I was in my teens - but for that I'm both thankful and proud........

    PS. Council House Department of Tourism put the cheque in the post.......

    Have a nice week Rob.......Leone xxx

  6. Forgot to mention - did you know that: The ILGA was founded on 8 August 1978 during the conference of the Campaign for Homosexual Equality in Coventry, at a meeting attended by 30 men representing 17 organisations from 14 countries. It was first called the International Gay Association (IGA) but changed its name to ILGA in 1986. ('Google' for further details)

    The organisation is now a very strategic player in global GLBT policy making.

    You see - made in Coventry is all good!!

  7. Flippin' heck leone, that's one of the most imformative posts I've read in yonks!

    Thanks for taking the time to share the info, I really enjoyed reading it.

    I'm the same - the older I get the more I value where I come from.

    Coventry has changed alot over the years,and I'd say it's for the better. The intoduction of "CVOne" to promote the city have brought alot of benifits as well as the council allowing many changes to the city centre.

    Still lots to improve but it's not as bad as it was at the end of the 1970's!


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