Sunday, February 04, 2007

Two Years of Blogging!

Well folks it's been two years exactly since I started Blogging and I'm still loving it.
It would have been easy just to start blogging and then stop once I "got bored" yet blogging has stood the test of time for me.

I like the randomness (with a touch of Spice influence) of what I post - it doesn't matter if no-one ever reads it because I will carry on posting topics anyway!

Here I am, just one guy out of over 6 billion and in the two years and yet "robmacca" has attracted 12,200 visitors viewing 18,911 pages. This year has been the biggest distraction because of MySpace and sex but they won't stop me blogging.

I owe my blogging experience to Angie:

Along the way I've met some lovely bloggers and had some great times communicating the issues that matter to me and having fun in the interactive world we call the internet!

Here is a reminder of my very first blog post two years ago today...........

I`m testing this out, it`s late on a Friday and I thought it was about time I got the robmacca Blog going...........

Welcome to my Blog!

Feel free to leave any comments anywhere in this Blog, the more comments the merrier.


  1. Ohh that's great mate!! wow u really looked a bit different 2 years ago, I didn't recognize u because of the hair cut but hey you still looked great!! :D

  2. wow - tie flies when you're having fun!

    keep it up - i feel i know more about you now then when i bunked off uni to trash your house and talked you to death before being dragged to a gay bar populated by a leather-clad dominatrix

  3. Oh that was fun!

    Don't forget the cinema trip with the funny people..........

  4. wow - for a split second (well, i actually forgot about that

    you were so cruel that day - i loved it!

  5. wow,,, this Angie person sounds incredibly cool and sexy and all-around terrific person...

  6. Your crazy!

    (and yes, this Angie IS fantastic!)


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