Sunday, February 11, 2007

Melanie C News

Melanie C is a busy girl as usual, soon to be appearing in BBC2's "Never Mind The Buzzcocks" (24th Feb) and with a new hair style, as the picture above shows. Melanie has been in the press recently as news about Emma Bunton's pregnancy became public, and it's no secret the more feminine would love to become a mother. She is the only Spice Girl who has yet to conceive but she admits boyfriend Thomas Starr is a busy man! But the next studio album may well be the last if she becomes a mother and it is interesting to see the new album has a more mellow feel to it than the rockier "Beautiful Intentions", giving further indication of the direction she is going.
The UK will be seeing more of Melanie over the coming weeks as she begins promoting her new single "I Want Candy", which is out in March meanwhile in Europe she has the beautiful balled "The Moment You Believe" coming out.
Just to keep the Spice Girls reunion stories alive, the press have been reporting that they are apparently planning a gig ''bigger than Live8''. But you can't believe everything you read in the Daily Star!

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  1. I think her new haircut looks nice and it's good 'cos honestly I wasn't really into her "rockstar" image so I'm pleased with this change


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