Friday, February 16, 2007

Emma Bunton: "Too Busy To Marry"

Emma Bunton popped into the offices of The Sun a few days ago and gave readers a chance to put some questions forward for her to answer.............

Hi Emma - I ask this question on behalf of ALL your fans. When is Jade going to make an honest woman of you and propose? - Onur, Turkey

"We have talked about marriage, but Jade and I are taking each day as it comes at the moment.
There is obviously a lot to get together.
I want a very intimate, private thing - and it's just about finding the time to plan things. And I'm not very good at that!
I would love Jade to propose, but it's not going to happen yet."

Hi Emma, how did Jade and your friends and family react when you told them about the baby? - Bruna, Brazil

"Jade's been amazing. We haven't stopped smiling since we found out. It's been such an amazing start to the new year.
It's so new and so exciting. My mum was over the moon.
I'm 31 now and I've talked a lot in the past about how much I wanted to start a family, so everyone is really pleased.
I've had lots of messages of support from fans and I really appreciate every one."

Hey Emma, I hear you have a new puppy. How is she getting on and is Jade good with her? Because men who are good with puppies are good with babies. - Jenny, Glasgow

"My new puppy Phoebe is gorgeous.
She's 10 weeks now and Jade bought her for my birthday.
She's a little bit naughty like all puppies are, biting things.
I've had two dogs before when I was living at home, so this is our first pet together.
In answer to the last part of your question - he's been brilliant!"

Do you know that the fans on your official website (including me) are all getting together and buying lots of things for you and the baby? What would you like? - Kevin, Edinburgh

"I'm gobsmacked. That is amazing. The support I've had from fans throughout my whole career has been wonderful and I really can't thank you enough.
However what I'd really like is for you to donate the money you've raised to a really good charity."

Geri and Emma hit the town on a night out

We all saw the photos of you out and about the town with former Spice Girls Geri Halliwell and Victoria Beckham. What did you talk about? - Kevin, Edinburgh

"It was seriously real girly stuff. We had a lovely time catching up and talking about all those things that girls do.
They're both doing so well and I'm so pleased we've all stayed in contact.
Since I found out I was pregnant they have been lovely.
In fact I've spoken to all the girls from the band and they're all so happy for me and being so supportive.
They knew I was really looking forward to this time.
It's another great reason for us all to stay in touch and I hope all our kids will be friends too.
Also I really love LA - so I've told Victoria it's nice I've now got somewhere to stay."

I know you all get asked this all the time - but will the Spice Girls ever get back together? - Stephen, Manchester

"It's so flattering that people still think and write about us getting back together.
There was a poll about 'which band would you like to see reform' and we won, which we all find so lovely.
Personally I would love to get back together and I know in the past they've all said the same thing.
But the problem is getting us all to think the same thing at the same time.
It did nearly happen for Live 8, but one of the girls was in a contract so we couldn't do it. It was such a shame.
Plus with all these kids running around I'm not sure we'll have time!"

Do you find it strange that your old pal Posh is now one of the world's biggest style icons and most famous faces? Will you be borrowing her maternity wear? -
Carla, Leeds

"I see her in the same way as everyone else does - as an icon. She has an amazing style.
I must admit I do look at Victoria and think: "What nail varnish has she got on this week?"
She's brilliant and I'm so so pleased for her.
I'm not at the stage yet where I'm borrowing maternity clothes but hers were fabulous."

Hi Emma, what is the next single you are going to release from the album? -Paul, Liverpool

"I know other people have written in to ask what it will be too, but I honestly don't even know myself yet.
I love Another Town - it's really fun and has a good up vibe to it - and Undressing You, which is a bit saucy.
Lots of fans have asked me to release Mischievous, which I wrote with Cathy Dennis, so that is definitely in the running too."

The new single "All I Need To Know" is out now!


  1. Aw this is really nice from her, she's lovely. I'm so glad and surprised at the fact that she isn't rushing her marriage even though she's been in a relationship for years, that's amazing.

  2. a good little read - thanks for posting!

  3. in that pic with Geri, her cheeks are so bony and her chin so skinny, looks like she's got an eating disorder. :)

  4. I blame the fact they both look drunk!


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