Thursday, February 22, 2007

Melanie Brown's UK Return?

As one Spice Girl leaves the country - another looks set to return as rumours about Melanie Brown surfaced recently. With her second baby due in just a few weeks, it seems that Scary Spice may have lost her roar as she looks set to return back to England.

It seems to have gone pear shaped in Los Angeles, firstly her career didn't take off as expected - even with a short stint in the Broadway musical "Rent". Then her UK album almost went un-noticed selling just a few thousand copies in total. Finally it looked like life was on the up when Melanie teamed up with Eddie Murphy, but as soon as the talk of marriage and a sudden pregnancy came along, the dream was over.

A source said: "Melanie has had it with Eddie Murphy and with Los Angeles. The reason she moved there in the first place was to launch her career Stateside but that hasn’t happened."

"She wants to spend more time with her mother and sister. It makes sense to move back."

Look on the bright side Mel - at least you'll be nearer home for the Spice Girls reunion!

1 comment:

  1. I feel really sorry for her, but at a certain point it's not that bad 'cos now she's more experienced so those kinda sad things won't ever happen to her again or at least she'll know how to face them.


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