Friday, February 09, 2007

The Enemy - "It's Not OK"

The Enemy are the biggest group to come out of Coventry since The Specials, back in the early 80's. They are tipped to become big in 2007, so robmacca is proud to jump on this growing band wagon in supporting these 3 lads from Coventry.

They have had rave reviews in the NME and can be seen up and down the country supporting acts such as Kasabian and Fratellis, as well as gigs of their own - starting tonight in their home city at a sold out Colloseum.

They have a new single out this Monday entitles "It's Not OK" and the lads will be paying homage to Coventry once again this Wednesday, as they sign copies of their new single at HMV (18:00). Sadly, they are no longer able to perform a live set that night as the local council have refused permission (stupid buggers!).

Being a Coventarian is made all the much better as good things come out of the city and people can see a positive side about being from Coventry!

You can view their lastest video "It's Not OK" below, if your from Coventry you may just notice quite a few places in the video. You can also check out the group at:

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  1. Nice to know about them but yeah..I'm still a bubble gum guy so I'm not sure if they will be one of my fave bands lol


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