Saturday, February 03, 2007

British Winter Mornings

I took these three pictures this morning (about 07:30am) - if you look closely at 2 & 3 you will be able to see the full moon in the crisp clear morning sky. I love the British winter mornings as frost covers the ground and the sun rises over the sleeping city. The top picture features a selection of bare trees on the London Road, Coventry and reveal the beauty that winter can bring when we open our eyes and look around us. Being a postie helps me enjoy the weather and wildlife even more...................
Did I mention it's a full moon this weekend?
My favourite part of the month, as my hormones really get going!


  1. i noticed the moon was HUGE, and full, last night - i was tempted to take a photo of it for my blog, but the view from my house was obscured

  2. You might catch it tonight Ben.

    Watch out for the wearwolf in the bushes..............

  3. Really nice pics mate! I love the 2nd one. Over here we get a twilight like that one too but I don't think it's that common. It looks great in your pics!


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