Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Corporate Greed

Britain's five largest banks all reveal their figures to the city over the coming days, starting with Barclays who announced a staggering 7.14 billion pound profit today. The five leading banks are expected to top £38b between them and this comes at a time when their workers get squeezed more and more in an effort to "cut costs" or "slim line the business". Customers get short changed as bank charges rise and customer satisfaction drops.
All of this brings it back home how corporate greed runs through the veins of British society, and it's the humble worker who slog their guts out for a lousy wage, who are the victims of the board room. Lives are changed at the whim of a management team as costs are brought down and profits are drummed up.
My own work place has become just like that description as "cost savings" become the buzz words and jobs get axed as "we need to save 6% in costs", then next year another figure will be given. We are told that even though we voted "No" to the latest round of job cuts, that result will be ignored and instead of 37 jobs going - it could become 55! On top of that we'll have a new ballot until we say "Yes".
Workers in Britain have become so weak, we lie down and take whatever employers throw at us - because it is the expected norm. Would French workers put up with this? NO! Would Italian workers stand for deteriorating conditions? NEVER! But it's perfectly acceptable in Britain, no wonder businesses love Britain - they can get away with it!
Oh how I wish we'd have a workers revolution, where true social justice replaces the greed of companies like Barclays, Peugeot or Royal Mail.

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  1. WOW that's a bit surprising, I'm not that clever when i comes to business but I know this situation isn't good for workers.. I'm sure you'd be a great leader for a revolution ;)


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