Thursday, February 09, 2006

Where Are They Now?

1. The Ra Ra Skirt: 2. Where's Wally now?

3. Those wierd books with the dots in:
4. E.T. :
5. Emma Bunton:
Where are they now?

I've always wondered what became of the Ra Ra Skirt that took the world by storm c.1980, worn by almost every girl then suddenly it just vanished............
Everyone was concerned about finding Wally in those pictures but have we just given up looking?
Whatever became of those multi coloured books they used to test to see if you were colour blind?
Then poor old E.T. wanted to phone home in the movie but why has he never returned? Is he scared of bumping into Drew Barrymore?
Finally, the lovely Emma Bunton from the Spice Girls - took a trip over to America about a year ago to promote her music, and hasn't been seen since!

Come back Emma we love you,
Come back ET we adore you,
Come back dots we need to erm............ see stuff,
Come back Wally we need to find you,
Come back Ra Ra we need to smile again!


  1. Ah, the Ra Ra skirt - how I <3 80's fashion! I'm determined to keep it going, give it 6 months and you'll all be 80s rejects too! ;-)


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