Monday, February 20, 2006

Brokeback Macca

Following along the excellent award winning "Brokeback Mountain", I've bought myself a rather unusual jacket, while I was in Brighton recently. The hat belongs to Alex, but I put it on to give me that "cowboy" feeling.
I'm not sure we'll be seeing the jacket out much, I think it was one of those spur of the moment purchases!
Hey - now I feel like a right gay cowboy.........................


  1. Oh my god :DDD you're looking great in this.More photos please ;)

  2. Sadly they are the only photo's I've taken - i was just messing around at the time when I took the pictures.
    The hat is down in Brighton with Alex and I'm up here in Coventry.

    Glad you liked them Usha.

  3. what a pity ;)
    but smile next time, you are so serious here :D or maybe you were just playing?

  4. I was trying to look serious! LOL
    Smiling wouldn't have looked right this time.

  5. LOL, even though you were trying to look serious, you look so funny!!! :D

  6. I guess I could never cut it as a serious cowboy.............


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