Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Kandyfloss - "I Want It Right Now"

Click the links below to hear Chantelle or Kandyfloss backing girls singing 'I Want It Right Now':

http://knd.org.uk/don/Kandyfloss2.mp3 Kandyfloss 'I Want It Right Now' (Chantelle on CBB, solo)

http://knd.org.uk/don/Kandyfloss.mp3 Kandyfloss 'I Want It Right Now' (backing girls only on BBLB)

Chantelle, the winner from this years Celebrity Big Brother in the UK, is all set to make between £1 - £2m following the hype at her non-celebrity status becoming the runaway success with the public.
It seems a done deal now that we will be seeing Chantelle in record shops up and down the country with her made -up band Kandyfloss (with a K of course!) and that famous make believe track "I Want It Right Now".

Already alot of speculation is hitting media circles this week about the future of Chantelle and the direction she will take following her massive popularity during Celebrity Big Brother.
It was also good news for Channel 4, who celebrated 7.5m viewers during the final nights show (up 11% on last years final) and watched by 40% of the available audience at that time during its peak.
Overall CBB was watched by 4.5m (19%) over the 23 days, up 2% year on year and shows that there is alot of life left in the Big Brother format for a few more years to come.

You can hear both versions of the live song in the links above.

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