Monday, February 20, 2006

Ashley Cole In Drunken Sex Fun?

Even as we speak, the British public are talking non-stop about a newspaper story that has revealed the drunken antics of two top Premiership footballers. It is alledged the two footballers got drunk, stripped down to their underwear and one performed a blow job on the other. one of the footballers is supposed to have put a mobile phone down his pants while the other called him so it vibrated. It is claimed they both have girlfriends and has publisheda photo, without revealing who the football star's name. But internet sources can reveal that the picture matches to a certain Ashley Cole - the boyfriend of Girls Aloud singer Cheryl Tweedy.

It all makes interesting reading as it may have happened long before the couple started dating and it sounds like a lads drunken night out, not a gay romp as the papers seem to be turning it into.

Here is an extract from one of the stories:

Player A—a household name who has a reputation as a rebel on and off the pitch—shoves his mobile down his boxers. He performs a sex act with it which is too obscene to be described here.
Then Player B calls his number to make thephone vibrate. Player A is also pictured on the bed while Player B—a multi-million pound goal-scoring mid-fielder—kneels to perform oral sex on him.
Meanwhile the music man can also be seen leaning over the pair, kissing and caressing the footballers, who play for different sides. he source who handed us the graphic images said:

"Fans would be stunned if they knew who the players were. "Both have had girlfriends and one is still in a relationship. If anything they are known as ladies' men—lads who like chasing skirt at nightclubs. They're always in the papers with some glamorous girl or another. Never in a million years would you think they'd be involved in anything like this."

The sordid sex session took place in the flat of one of the players. The source added: "They all stripped down to their vests and boxers—not exactly the sort of gear you'd just sit around in for a chat. And then they're in the bedroom and it all kicks off.

"Soon it was like something out of a hard core porn film. "

One (Player A) lay on the bed while his mate (Player B) knelt down beside him and gave him a blow job. Soon his (Player A's) face was contorted with pleasure. "When all this was going on, the music bloke was leaning all over them both, kissing and stroking every bit of flesh he could get to.

"Then (Player B) got up and went over to the other side of the room to change the music they were listening to. "While he was doing it (Player A) got his mobile phone out and you can see him pushing it down his shorts. "You can see he's urging (Player B) to ring him. He must have had the vibrate alert on. (Player B) then gets out his phone and rings him again and again while (Player A) closes his eyes."

In the set of images Player A seems to be the leader in the hardcore sex games while the music man is mainly content to watch. "They were so relaxed with each other it looked like this wasn't the first time," said our source.

Let the rumours continue, I'm sure there are lots of stories like this up and down the country when lads go out for a drink. I don't think either of them has to be gay just because they had some "fun" but we'll never know................ or will we?

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