Thursday, February 02, 2006

New Mobile (again!)

It's been just one year since I bought my last phone as reported on this very Blog:
But a year is a very long time in the world of mobile phones. Alex and Martin and various others already have this mobile the Samsung D600, and I know I'm already going to be behind the times but I have just ordered my phone from O2.

I don't know if I'm being foolish or wise here cos it is actually going to cost me £70, but they will be reducing my monthly bill by £5 each month, so in a years time it will have cost me just £10. But is that £10 too much, when online I could have got it FREE on their website

But the deal would have meant £30 a month and a choice of either:

Inclusive Call minutes any network1
300 or 400
Free Text2 Messages
750 or150
Inclusive browse and download

Depending on which option I chose but by staying on my current plan I will be paying £20 per month (£20 is what 'll be paying from March) and get 500 text/multimedia messages and 500 minutes plus internet time - this suits my needs down to the ground so I'm happy with my choice.


  1. do you have a new number to go with this new phone? if so, let me know it.

    are you coming out on the 18th?


  2. Same number - I never swop numbers now, I just port it across if I change networks.
    I'm still on O2 so nothing has changed.

    Yeah, I'm out on the 18th, so I'll see you in Brum!


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