Sunday, February 12, 2006

Blog Anniversary

It's been 1 year since I started Blogging and I'm loving it more and more. With over 5,000 pages viewed and 3,100 visitors - the robmacca blog has certainly kept you all coming back for more................ May you continue to visit during 2006 and leave a comment or two along the way!

*update June 08: I'm still blogging - with over 74,000 pages viewed and almost 43,000 visitors. Plus I'm on Youtube with 570,000 video views and I try and keep up to date in my spare time!

robmaccaEXTRA is another blog I post on.


  1. Thanks Usha - comments like yours inspire me to continue this blog!

  2. Aww, mine will be one year old in May! Looks like we've gone from Lipgloss Bitches to Lipgloss Bloggers! :-o

  3. Congrats MrMacca!
    Hope you're doing fine, and still loooookin' for dat Mini!

    Droitwich Lloyd x

  4. Thanks Dr Lloyd!

    I did find a mini which had only done 7500 miles but sadly the lady has sold it now. I ought to sell my car first, its such a timely exercise!


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