Thursday, February 02, 2006

New Hair?

Within the next week I am getting a new hair cut but at the moment I am unsure which direction to take.
For the past year or so I have been growing it as the first picture shows, but as you can see - it can get in my eyes and in my way. I'm having to wear a hat when out delivering the mail to stop it blowing about. But I really like having it long , when i go out and make an effort with my hair.
But maybe I should have it cut short and put up with the fact I'm losing it and put up with a bit of a "slap head" look - at least it will be tidy and ready for the warmer weather. Or do I just have it trimmed and go for the 2003 look as seen in the 3rd picture?
I've got just a few days to make up my mind............... Any comments on the subject are welcome!


  1. Becoming a slaphead comes to us all sooner or later, mines receeding on one side more than the other... Oh and from the crown of my head too.


  2. Leave it long!!! You look much better that way, trust me!

  3. At this rate I won't even get it cut this week while I'm on holiday cos all the hairdressers in Brighton are so bloody expensive!

  4. I didn't get it cut last week, but my mate has coloured it for me this week - and it's now all back to black.
    The blonde strip at the back has gone, it was just too awkward to get done again.

    Now I need to get it cut!


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