Monday, January 02, 2006

New Year Round Up...........

1. Alex drunk with a rose in his mouth.
2. Rob & Alex do Birmingham.
3. Looking bad - but nice lights!

It's been a mad few days, my fingers are aching (from all the texting you dirty person!). Alex is staying at mine for a while so it means less net time for me.
So I'll just fill you in with what's been happening in the world of robmacca over the past few days ...................

New Years Eve we went to a new bar in Coventry called "Five Monkeys", which turned out to be a great night out. It cost £20 to get in but drinks were FREE til 1am. So Alex gave up his "no drinking" for the night and we sat drinking quite happily throughout the night. The owner is fantastic and I've so much respect for her cos she has finally brought some competition to Coventry's only other gay bar! The pub is proving a hit with the lesbians and us guys were out numbered (8 to 2 ratio) but the atmosphere was groovy and the decor fantastic. The DJ was also female and proved that women know how to play good music! Overall it was a New Year well spent and I'll be going back more in 2006 to show my support.


* I bought myself a new laptop in the January sales
* I might be seeing Take That in May
* Got 2 Melanie C "Beautiful Intentions" CD's in the sales for £1.97 EACH!

Last night we went out for a Chinese meal and then watched "Chicago" with my fab friends Simon and Torben and today I'm going to set up my laptop (hopefully) and then call into my brothers and give him a "Coventry City football calendarer (lets hope they win as well today!) and finally get to watch King Kong tonight.

Back to work tomorrow and I'll be back on my Blog asap, so keep checking for updates.


  1. Hello man, I really don´t know exactly how I came here but I really loved!
    Melanie C Beautiful Intentions is awesome!!!!!!!
    I´m from Brazil, I´m so sorry for my poor english.


  2. Greetings Edu - thanks for leaving a comment, its ALWAYS a pleasure to meet another Melanie C fan. I totally agree with you about the album being awesome - it's her best yet!

    Your English is good - much better than if i tried to speak Spanish etc. Feel free to leave comments anytime :-)


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