Monday, January 23, 2006

Over/Under Rated Music

Under Rated: Arctic Monkeys

No matter how much this band is in the press, they can never be hyped enough. This week they celebrate their second #1 UK single with "When The Sun Goes Down". The video is great and a worthy follow up to "I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor".

This is the greatest band to come out of the UK since Oasis, and I love their fresh sound and raw lyrics. Check them out here:

Under Rated: The Darkness

Poor lads just can't do enough to please the British press, following their massive 1st album and award sucess - they rose to the dizzy heights of heaven! But a long gap between albums meant "One Way Ticket to Hell" has sent them down knocking on hells door itself. I love their style and fun attitude.

Check out their videos etc on their website:

Over Rated: Eminem

In 2004 etc I loved Eminem and couldn't get enough of his cheeky attitude and white rapper tunes but 2006 brings a different story. I've had enough of Eminem and wished those curtains would close quickly and finally, once and for all.
I would have posted the link to his official website but it caused my PC to freeze and so I had to type all this out again - so i'm sorry Eminem - you can kiss my ass!

Over Rated: Hard-Fi

Adverts, reduced CD's everywhere, tacky "rock" wannabe video's - yet these lads are the most over rated band of 2006. Don't get me wrong - I "like" songs such as "Cash Machine" but they didn't deserve the #1 album this week. January is indeed a quiet month but oh lord, the record company has seriously plugged Hard - Fi until I'm blue in the face. STOP IT!

Listen to snippets here:;1;-1;-1&sku=377235

Under Rated: Simon Webbe

Ex Blue boy band member, Simon Webbe seems to have gone almost unnoticed by the mass media but his album has spent the past 10 weeks doing quite nicely in the charts (rising from #38 to #20 this week). His singles "Lay Your Hands", "No Worries" and "After All This Time" are just 3 great tracks on the album. He's got the tunes and he's also got the looks so it's about time he was hyped up more during 2006.


  1. Artctic Monkeys, I've heard "I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor" couple times, it's really good. I've watched them also live on mtv2.
    I haven't heard new The Darkness, but they had great singles. Lead singer (i don't remember his name) is funny and he's got that specific voice.
    I feel the same about Em. I use to like him, but now, I don't really care what he's doing. I just don't like his music.
    I don't really know Hi-Fi. I just heard "Money machine", nothing special ;)
    I like "Lay your hands" very much.
    Talking about Blue.. have you heard Lee Ryan's album? I personally thins it's great!

  2. I've not heard Lee's album but of the songs I have seen on TMF/The Hits - I have been a bit dissapointed with the songs because they are quite weak, shame really cos Lee had the strongest voice in Blue.
    Glad I'm not the only one who's grown tired of Eminem!


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