Wednesday, December 28, 2005

As The Year Ends..............

It's always good too look back over the past year and reflect - oh bollocks ........ I've not got time, so here are 3 random pictures of me with "things". !st in bed with Eeyore, then outside with Dr Who's Tardis and finally looking all Scissor Sister's like with Fozzie the Muppet bear!
Now use your imagination and think about what sort of fun year its been!"


  1. this pic with Eeyore is so cute :D
    happy new year Robbie :)

  2. Thanks and a Happy New Year to you as well Usha ............ I'll have to guess who you are LOL

  3. i don't even remember where i've found your site :P
    you don't have to guess .. i'm 18 years old girl from Poland, what else can say ;)

  4. Happy new Year, Robbie!! I had to post because like usha, I like Eeyore, and I have a plush one on my couch (there's a pic of him in one of the pics of me, Dee, and Chris on my couch), hold on, it's here:

    Say hello to drama Alex for me! ;)

  5. Thanks Angie - I'll say hello to Alex from you and I'm about to look at the picture now...........

    LOL, I didn't notice Eeyore at first cos Dee's hand was on your breast hehehehehehe! - Great picture!!

    Hello as well to Usha from Poland - hope you enjoy reading the Blog, I'll get around to updating after this week when Alex goes back home.


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