Friday, January 06, 2006

Lesbian Dancing

I was dancing with some lesbians last night (and damn good fun it was as well!) but I couldn't help but think - do gay/lesbians secretly or unsubconsciously want to dance with the opposite sex because they "miss" that sexual interaction?
I'm not saying that lesbians suddenly want a man or that gay men want women, but in a fun way I think that gay people enjoy dancing with the opposite sex in a "sexual" way almost as a reminder of what its like on the other side of the fence.

Oh I should shut up cos I can't explain myself very well !! You may have guessed we were back at "Five Monkeys" in Coventry and were very much in the minority as guys but we had a hell of a laugh. The manager and bar staff are really friendly, although I wouldn't be surprised if we got banned for bad behaviour (I won't go into details but we got really drunk again!) Anyway we loved the music and ended up dancing with the lesbians - another fantastic night I must say!


  1. haha.. crazy night i see ;)

  2. It was fun , even with Alex playing with the blinds, going into the "Staff only" area all the time and breaking a light!


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