Monday, January 30, 2006

Power Cut

Suddenly the electric went off tonight and all the streets around me were plunged into complete darkness. It was so very quiet and eerie as I sat in my dark bedroom. Within minutes I had the candles lit and the laptop playing Girls Aloud to break the silence.
This got me thinking - imagine if the electricity didn't come back - soon the freezer would defrost and food supplies be wasted. How long would it be before the gas supplies failed? Imagine not being able to cook the remaining food?
Then imagine life without television or internet. I noticed my wireless connection and "constantly on" internet isn't quite on at all times - it went off during the power cut. Soon the battery to the laptop would go flat as would the mobile phone.
Communication would become more difficult, eating would be harder and our whole lives would dramatically change.
Part of me loved the thought of a dramatic change in peoples lives and part of me makes me glad we have a near constant electricity supply.

Makes you think though.....................

Edits: This is a picture I took during the power cut, its some candles in my bedroom - looks like a spooky black and white horror movie to me!

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