Thursday, January 19, 2006

My "Brokeback Mountain" Review

I had heard snippets of news about this movie in the media but wasn't quite sure what to expect yet what it delivered was something far more satisfying......................

If you want a film with lots of stunning special effects or a happy ever after then this is not the kind of film you will want to see. This film is about real people and real lives, it is the story of love outside the normal parameters. At first you might be fooled into believing some media stories that portray this as a "gay" movie, this is something far deeper than that. It is a story of two very normal American men who, given the circumstances they were in form a deep bond that moves to another level. Yet, as for so many of us in the real world - love does not always turn out the way we would like and heartache is not far behind.

I struggled at first to understand the deep south American accent , and wished it was subtitled but once I got used to it I found it easier. Each of the films 4 main characters played a wonderful role. There were times when I felt joy and sadness while the film unfolded. Ennis del Mar (Heath Ledger) and Jack Twist (Jake Gyllenhaal), Alma (Michelle Williams), and Lureen Newsome (Anne Hathaway) living out their lives. The music score developed along with the plot and right throughout the 134 minutes and the scenery was totally breathtaking to view.

This has been undoubtedly been the best film I have seen in a long time, not for action or effects but for reality and emotion. I have been captured by the story of "Brokeback Mountain" and can't wait to see it again and finally own it on DVD later this year. It totally deserves numerous awards this year.


  1. now i want to see that movie even more ;D
    thank you for this beautiful review :)

  2. I just hope your not dissapointed when you finally see it (you'll have to let me know!), the film might not be to everyone's liking..........


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