Monday, January 16, 2006

Celebrity Big Brother Views News - Axis of Evil

Forget all this talk about Iran, North Korea etc being the "Axis of Evil" - I have found the real Axis of Evil in the Celebrity Big Brother house. They are bully boys George Galloway, Michael Barrymore and Pete Burns. I can't wait for all three to get evicted from the house over the coming days. The way they bullied Jodie Marsh was totally unacceptable and unfair - I never really liked the girl before Celeb BB and I'm totally shocked the poor girl was evicted on Friday night (maybe I should have voted to keep her in!). Now may the vultures pick these 3 off one by one for their cruel attacks.

Poor "plastic" Pete Burns is threatening to walk out cos he's missing his boyfriend and being deprived of nicotine. I fear he may be in need of a touch of bottox to those hideous lips of his. He'd only walk out cos he's a drama queen , get to grips you twit! I feel like I should burn my Dead or Alive CD!

Meanwhile George is intend on becoming the house dictator and makes Saddam Hussein look friendly in comparison with his cigar smoking ........ May he burn LOL.

I hardly need to say a word about disgraced fallen star Michael Barrymore - I think being in the house will destroy him anyway. I've lost the final ounce of respect for that man since his actions in the house against Jodie. Bully!

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