Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Son of Dork (SOD!)


First we had Busted which featured James who can be seen above with Son of Dork, who have sprung up hot on the heals of McFly and former Busted bandmate's rock group Fightstar. So with all these transformations - are Son of Dork any good?
So far so good, I say! Their first song was all about Loserville and now their new track "Eddie's Song" is pretty funky and I'm loving the video which you can view here: (then select the Son of Dork video!)

You can also see a yummy picture of David and James here:

Of course it's mindless trash along the lines of all the other "rock/pop" bands sprawning the scene since Canadian rockers Sum41. Very disposable but great fun to watch - may 2006 continue well for such bands.

Gosh I love James hair and would soooooooooooooooooo do mine like that if I wasn't such a dark head!


  1. hmmm.... I don't miss dancing with guys. maybe except with my friend Denis. So boo to gay people missing the "other" side, hehe. ;)

    Seems like you and Alex had a good new year's!

    btw, between you and me, I think I prefer you with shorter hair :)

  2. I guess I must be wrong about the dancing thing I mentioned the other day but I've seen loads of gay guys and lots of lush ladies dancing with the opposite sex and couldn't help wonder "....what if" LOL.

    New Year was one of my best yet!

    As for the hair - it WILL be short again this year. I've just been making the most of growing it long for one last time its falling out in good old tradition so I'll be facing reality and getting it cut in the coming months.

    Love ya loads Angie XXXX

  3. Hey Robbie,
    I miss you, but at least I'm kept up to date with your life from reading this blog!
    Love you loads, can't wait to chat with you and have a big old catch up!
    P.s. Claire says hi, we're still happy and in love.

  4. Wow! Thanks Catherine for posting, it's ALWAYS good to speak to you - on the phone or on DD.
    Glad everything is working out well for you and Claire, I know she has really made you happy and that makes me happy :-)

    Keep smiling and speak to you soon.



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