Thursday, January 19, 2006

Brokeback Moutain Pictures & Movie Clips

It is 1963 in Signal, Wyoming where Jack Twist (1) waits for employment and meets Ennis Del Mar (2) where the pair are employed to look after the sheep on Brokeback Mountain (3). Over the summer they get to know each other and develop a friendship that turns to fun (4) but at the end of summer they part ways. Ennis marries Alma (5) and Jack eventually marries Laureen (6). Four years pass before Jack sends Ennis a postcard and the two spark up their friendship again. What follows is a complicated story of heartache and strife in this forbidden love story (7)

Listen to different clips from the film to get an idea of the story or re-live them if you have already seen the film: ..... Gonna Do This Again Next Summer? ..... Is Alma Here? ..... You Don't Go There To Fish ..... It Aint Gonna Be Like That ..... You Know That Girl?

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  1. Cool - I'm looking forward to seeing this one.

  2. Glad you enjoyed the clips Usha and Jezzy. Hopefully you'll enjoy the film as well!

  3. omg, Heath's accent is horrible,i can hardly guess what he's talking about ;p
    i think i have to get use to it if i want to watch the film, hah

  4. oh, and what's cool is that this movie was shot here in Alberta!!!! A few people from my agency were sent to audition for minor roles. I thought the movie was alright/good, but not so memorable or anything like that.

  5. I totally agree about the accents usha - it was sooooooooooooooooooo hard trying to work out what they were saying. when I get the DVD I will have the subtitles on!

    Angie, I heard it was filmed in Canada. Now I want to come and visit even more so as Canada looks so beautiful.

    I think I liked the film so much because I could relate to quite alot of the content and having listened to many peoples life stories I can understand how certain characters felt. Plus alot of this is personal to me.

  6. lol!!! yeah, it was not only filmed in Canada but pretty much in Calgary's backyard! And the scenery isn't exaggerated, it's like that the whole place! (once you drive outside the city). Ask Dee! :) I guess I took the accents for granted, as some people here (just a few) speak more cowboy-like or maybe it's because we're more exposed to cowboys. That's why the accents didn't confuse me at all (whereas English accents like the SG used to totally confuse me, lol)

  7. Angie ........ your so lucky to live in Canada, it sounds great and looks lovely on screen.
    Maybe ,just maybe - one day I'll get there on my travels!
    Hope your ok and enjoying the year so far.


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