Saturday, December 10, 2005

Re-union Night

It was a special night tonight in this double re-union. First of all it's the first public picture of Alex and I since the break-up/make-up (.......Just when you think of the word "never" something happens to spoil it ......... Thankfully this time!) and secondly it was the re-union of Bananadrama.
(see: )
I'm not a birthday sort of person, but it was Norman's 21st and both of us value Norman as a good friend who has been loyal, so we gladly took the 2hr 45 min journey to join in the fun on his special night.
The picture above says it all really - he's as mad as ever and totally enjoying life. Loved the live band and enjoyed having a bop - so thanks for another Bananadrama moment worth remembering.

Thanks Norman.


  1. WOW, that was so special to read - thanks a lot Robbie! I want you two to be the first to know, I've decided to cancel my internet because I feel I just don't need it and it takes over too much of my life (I'll update my blog with this news when I'm not so knackered). I'll still keep with you guys via text/e-mail (my work e-mail is but I won't be on MSN anymore! It doesn't mean the end at ALL though - if anything, I know what special friends you both are now, so I'm CERTAINLY gonna do everything to keep that going!

    Love you guys! x

  2. OMG Norm - I'm shocked, hopefully the break will give you the complete freedom you need. Reading your comments across the forums etc , I totally understand where your coming from. The replies that followed showed how shallow some people are.

    I'm glad I can call you a friend, who's been there in the good and bad times and has put others before self interest. That's a great quaility to have Norman , may you never lose it.

    Nothing can change the happy memories from the past.
    We've got a great future friendship to enjoy as well!

  3. awwwwww, I love you both (norman and robbie)!!!!!! (and totally grateful I didn't forget Norman's bday otherwise the consequences would have been too hard for me to bear....) ;)

  4. Don't you love me too Angie?? *sad*

    -Alex "Baby Drama"

  5. Shock horror - Alex finally posts on my Blog!

    That deserves some serious lovin!

    I'm sure Angie loves you as well......

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