Saturday, December 17, 2005

Deal or No Deal

I love "Deal or No Deal" on Channel 4 everyday @16:15 - this is the only TV programme I will lose sleep for every afternoon. I never liked Noel Edmonds before this but on this programme he's great. Seems that the viewers are loving it as well as this is fast becoming Channel 4's top rated daily programme with 3 million per show - not bad for such an early programme. Imagine if it went peak time viewing!

I love the roller coaster ride with each show as they try and win the £250,000 top prize and avoid the 1p, the added bonus is that there are no questions so even thicko's like me can join in!


  1. I still don't get it!!! *feels thick*

    Countdown on the other hand....

    -Alex "Baby Drama"

  2. Maybe your not thick enough - I'll explain all when your here at the end of the month - if its still on!


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