Thursday, December 01, 2005

Rubber rings and Arm bands!

Maybe my last posting could be taken the wrong way, and I hope it hasn't been offensive to those that are my friends.

So to counter balance the thought of "those that say one thing but do another", I would like to take this time again to thank the many people who have text me too many to list), phoned me (special thanks to Catherine and Peter calling today from Melbourne - you crazy lovely drunks!), emailed me and personally offered me support when I needed it.

Some only know me from my online presence (robmacca/robbie), some may know me out and about in my day to day life (a hug makes a big difference) and some, have stuck by me through the years. Yet at a time I could easily have such down into a depression, you have all been like the rubber ring that has kept me afloat. In so many simple ways people's actions have stopped anger/hatred getting hold of me and causing me to cut myself off from the world and drowning in a pool of sadness.
My friends have also been like arm bands, either side of me supporting me when I have felt weak and vulnerable. Each day I face the waters of life that threaten to wash over me and cause me to splutter, yet knowing the network of people who are in my life - I can face that daily challenge.

What goes on inside a person's head is a very complex matter as we all deal with situations differently. My years at church taught me many good lessons for life and helped me to try and turn bad situations into good.

So instead of being bitter, I can be a better person.

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