Thursday, December 01, 2005

What Lies Beneath

No, not the movie but what really lies beneath the surface when a person says something.

I think I'm fairly well known for my lack of trust in my fellow human beings, and I still maintain that to be true - simply because I understand (partly) how the human mind works.

People often say one thing and do another, or may use a well known expression (such as "I love You") but beneath the surface lies a totally different story. This is where we can get sucked into believeing a "lie" , some intentional some unintentional of course. Many times we are told what we want/need to hear but in time the evidence becomes clear that beneath the surface is another agenda at work.

We are all guilty of saying things we dont mean or promises we can't keep but "time" provides us with the answers to those questions that puzzle us.


  1. awwww, lol, I just said "I love you Norman" on his blog, I hope he doesn't read your entry and then think I'm full of shit!!! ;)

    okay, I'm still busy, but to be honest, Rob, I love you. But I can tell you why. Because during my downest days, you were there for me, texting me words of encouragement, reminding me that despite what I was going through (mostly to do with my former job), there were so many good things and people going on in my life. And I kept the text in my cell phone for the many months until I finally got a new job, to remind me, to give me hope, etc. Also, I love you because you are one of the few people on this earth that ever saw/see beauty in me, I mean, really. You give me confidence, and a gleefulness that is unexplainable. Because of you, I felt so fucking special/attractive. I'm so thankful to God (yes) that you're here on this earth and that you affected me in such ways.

  2. "I was out with friends clubbing last night and even though I was having fun and dancing, I was aware that inside I was alone."

    I'm still catching up. But I feel the same way sometimes, because I love this girl Elisa but she doesn't make any effort to talk to me. I'll write more about this, as I have to get going to bed now, it's 4:15 am and I have to get up at 7:30 am, ouch.

  3. OMG - fantastic messages -
    You are such a nutter, now get some sleep!

    When I sent the texts all those months back I truly meant every word - cos I know the sort of person you are inside.
    Your one of the rare ones, who actually says what they feel, and genuinely mean it 100%.
    I love your honesty and I also love the way you are tactful - you always try and think of the other person's feelings and not just how things may affect you.

    (By the way - my Blog entry was in no way whatsoever directed at you, I must just point that out!!)

    I wish more people were like you cos the world would be a better place. You seemed to have learnt the secret of living.

    I love your zest and zeal for life itself and your ability to see the good in others, even when no-one else can - never lose that gift!

    P.S - Who can fail to love Norman as well - he's great!


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