Tuesday, September 06, 2005


This weekend was a chance to catch up with Norm (aka "LipGloss Bitch" and long time member of "Boys Aloud" - you have to be on DenDen to understand the plot!) and catch up on all the gossip and have a laugh along the way. The afternoon in Hyde Park saw the birth of "Bananadrama" (Norm loves Bananarama so it only seemed natural a name would follow).

As the picture shows, it's me on the left, Alex in the middle and Norm on the right. Before the night was over I'd already been dropped from Bananadrama - I will be making the album sleeve but my vocal talents were not needed.


  1. Ok, you're re-instated! But one foot wrong and you're out! ;)

  2. I'll behave myself and promise not to drink lots of vodka during the video shoots!

  3. sorry I've been incommunicado for so long!!! I'm SO behind on my emails, I have about 245 in my inbox, some I've read, some I have not, though I read your's, Robbie. :D

    Anyways, great picture of the 3 of you!!!


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