Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Brighton Picture Update

As you can see above, we didn't get out and about to see the sights in Brighton this time around - it was one hell of a lazy week but helped along by lots of alcohol and a crazy mix of student life.
Picture 1 is of Alex and I ,just before going clubbing and picture 2 shows us the day after!
Picture 3 was taken late at night, watching TV with the headphones on cos Alex and Helen were working hard on an essay.
Picture 4 was me cuddled up with our adopted baby "Eyore" and the final picture was just me poseing for the sake of it.

I'm just so happy things turned out well in Brighton and everything is back to normal. Life without Alex was just ordinary, life with Alex is extraordinary!


  1. hardly the forum to post this in, but I have to tell you, rob, my heart was broken by that girl I like. I've tried hard to invite her to a few things without being overbearing, and to open up to her (which she did take alright when I told her I liked her that way). she finally sent me a hi5 message a few days ago, thanking me for inviting her to the nutcracker, but then said that she's going to have to say no, and asked me to stop calling her, and that she doesn't want to come across as cold and bitchy, but that she just isn't interested in pursuing a friendship with me. You can imagine how I feel at the moment. I don't think she meant to be mean, and I'm glad she at least told me the truth, but it still hurts. She doesn't even want to be my friend, she doesn't know me that well. But maybe the fact that I like her a lot makes her uncomfortable, or my open and honest and intense personality scares her a bit (as she seems to prefer quiet people). All I want is a hug from you, and someone to cry to!!!!

  2. I really wish I could just be there now to hug you and be a real ear for you to pour out the feelings you are going through right now.

    It is one thing to be rejected, but to be rejected twice (by not even wanting to be a friend) makes it double difficultand twice as painful to take in.

    But on the other hand, you can take some comfort Angie and take pride in who you are. Some people would prefer us not to be ourselves and become what they think we should be, which I fear this girl wanted. But your such an incredibly sensitive and creative person : NO-ONE has the right to change your God given talents because they are what make YOU truly special in His eyes and in the eyes of those who truly love you and care for you.

    I'm not going to go on about their being other fish in the sea etc but I am going to go on again and again about the wonderful qualities you have because they are so rare in the world we live in. You bring so much joy too so many people Angie and you are the life and soul of the party - please don't fall into the trap of "hating" who you are or thinking you have to change because of what has happened.

    I know it comes at a bad time in the year but it is also the ideal time to begin a New Year with new aspirations and new hopes. The book has not been finished yet in the "Life of Angie", just a chapter coming to a close. It is perfectly normal to shed a few tears and lement about what could have been, but in doing so please be mindful that a new chapter brings new opportunites. Some wishes won't go our way but some times our least expected yearnings become reality.

    I hope the "chapter" for 2006 brings unexpected but pleasant surprises because you deserve joy.

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