Friday, December 16, 2005

Inside Royal Mail

Due to the secrecy act I 'm not about to reveal any insider information about my work but what I can tell you is - it's jolly busy as I'm stuck indoors for the two week Christmas period sorting the millions of letters that are making their way through the largest sorting office in the UK where I work.

Normally I am doing lots of overtime, yet this week has been just like any other as during the final month of the Royal Mail monopoly budgets and cutbacks remain the focus. In fact I'm normally out delivering the mail not sorting it, but since going back to Royal Mail earlier this year, I've had to settle for being the bottom of the ladder - which means I have to do whatever job they throw my way!

Oh I'm rambling on so it's time to get my finger out and get my sorting head on and send those Christmas cards to the right part of the world!

P.S. - Loved the artist stamp above - maybe it reflects what working next to me can be like when I fart!

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