Thursday, July 07, 2005

Wildlife @ Coombe Park

1. Carved Kingfisher from dead tree.
2. Moor Hen with nest on water.
3. Carved Kestrel.
4. Carved Badger in tree trunk.
5. Duck.
6. Swan.
7. Squirrel on a tree.
8.Squirrel having a feast.
9. Lots of Geese.

* All these pictures were taken with my handy mobile phone as we were on our walk at Coombe Park nr Coventry.


  1. Hey Robbie! marc and I may plan a big DDer meet-up/get-together on Saturday September 3.

    Nice pics, btw, though whenever I try to click on a pic to enlarge it, the pic that shows up is the same size as the pic on your main blogger page.

    PS. Hello Alex! :)

  2. Thanks Angie for the message - I've put the date in my phone so will do my best to meet up with the best Canadian girl on the planet (along with the DD crew of course!)

    I bet your excited about the wedding/visit/meet-up ...... I know I would be.

    Meanwhile the pics in the Blog are from my mobile phone so only about 5kb each so quite tiny - even if you click them. Sorry, I've yet to invest in a digicam!!

    ** Alex waves back.


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