Friday, July 08, 2005

Friends Reunited

1. Lots of alcohol
2. Nice Locations (with Martin and Paul)
3. Great company ( Steve, Matt Paul and Martin)

Wednesday night was a chance to catch up with some old friends and a good excuse to drink lots of alcohol. (Not having work Thurs made it easier!)
I had not been out on a night out with Matthew for a few years and it was certainly a good night of catching up and laughing about the "old" days. Although I didn't really know Steve, he seemed like a funny guy. The meal beforehand with Martin and Paul was the first time I'd been out with them this year (Food was yummy!). Alex was also with us as we joined Matt and Steve in "Prague" for a few - the pints began to flow as we ventured to the "Newt" ......... Well it was £1 a drink once you paid to get in!
Staggered on the our last destination "The Lounge" for a final "one for the road" lager. By then we were much louder and I'm sure the bar staff had a chuckle as well. Poor Martin had to be in work for 08:30 - I wonder if he made it??!!

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