Saturday, July 16, 2005

Simons Meal & Chinese Kareoke

1,4 and 5 - Alex does Kareoke with the ladies (Alcohol? What alcohol??!!)
2 - Torb's and Cheryl at the end of the night
3 - Simon gets a cake from the restaurant
6 & 7 - The lovely Trisha and Scott
8 - Stuart stays sober as "the driver"
9 - Cheryl loves wine! (Alex loves it even more!!)
10 - Simon Torb's and Cheryl

Fantastic night out for Simons Birthday (I don't do birthdays etc but I do do friends and being with the people you like is the main thing). The meal was excellent and one which I'd do again - loved the prawns and the duck was simply yummy. Weird how most of our table were ex- vegetarians, apart from Alex who still doesn't eat meat (No comments .......... But I'm sure I've seen him eat something that could be meat *winks*)
The company was what made the evening very special, a great bunch of people who all know Simon (obviously!), I didn't know some of them very well before this evening but by the end of the night I knew them all better. Wine made a big impression on Alex as he shared his vocals at the end of the night, he was a hit with the ladies and even got a phone number off one of the other Kareoke singer's. Bless!
The stagger home was loud and fun , sorry to all the people who may have been sleeping!

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