Saturday, July 02, 2005

Big Brother6 ..... Evict Craig.

As harsh as it may sound - but will someone PLEASE evict the lump of lard from the Big Brother house.
The "I'm not gay really" attention seeking hairdresser has GOT TO GO.
He has the biggest boobs in the house now that Saskia has been evicted. How long will it be before the others notice that Craig is a curse? First Team Britney with Lesley was doomed from the start and then when he sided with Team Saskia it ended in failure. As the picture shows - Craig will only be landing a deal with Slim Fast when he gets out of the house. (It's my Blogg so I can be as rude as I like!!)


  1. LOL, I hate guys who have big boobs!!!! (actually, I don't hate the guy, just their un-attractive droopy chests).

    Robbie, I booked my flight to London so hopefully we can meet up!

  2. I am looking forward to finally meeting up with you when your in the UK. I'll have to keep the dates in mind and see what I can do about my day off so I can travel to London and meet up.


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