Sunday, July 10, 2005

Sunday in Royal Leamington Spa

Sunday we spent part of the day going for a walk in Royal Leamington Spa, a town near Coventry. After looking in a few shops we took some pictures outside the very floral Town Hall (as picture 4,6 and 8) we did the Riverside Walk (picture 5). The walk took us along the canal with cows and sheep in nearby fields (picture 1 and 3) and on the canal a duck could be seen caring for her young. (picture 7).
It was a really good walk and one I had never taken before. Leamington is a beautiful town with lots of white Victorian buildings that remind me of London - but on a quieter scale.

The council had made a great effort to make the flowers around the town centre look very appealing, and it had worked well. The Riverside Walk went from Leamington to Warwick but we didn't have time to walk all the way so will have to save it for another time.

Living in the heart of England has many great sites worth visiting, which can so often be missed if you are stuck in the city. I love the British summer and the beautiful country I live in.

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