Tuesday, July 19, 2005

MG Rover


I dedicate today's Blog post to MG Rover, the last main car manufacture in Great Britain. Recently they went into administration (bust, broke, down the pan, up the shitter to you and me!) but I have a soft spot since I bought my brand new Rover25 (large picture above) almost 3 years ago.

I come from Coventry which was at the heart of the car industry in the 1970's but has declined more and more as we bought cheaper foreign cars.

But it is a crime against the country that Rover has been allowed to go the way it has and very naughty that Chinese firm, Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC) let the company go into administration before putting in a bid at a fraction of the price, while many thousands lost their jobs.

The only real hope that MG Rover can stay British is for the administrators to accept the bid by a consortium led by businessman David James. At least the MG brand would remain in British hands so SAIC can shove their bid where the sun does not shine!



  1. just me poppin' in!!! oh sorry, and waves back to Alex!!! I like the pictures you post, rob! I'm so happy you (and Alex) seem to be so happy!!!!!

  2. I'm excited at the thought of finally meeting up with you in September and the DD crowd.

    (I was joking about the snog on the dancefloor - I think Alex was a little worried for a minute!)

    Life is going peachy at the moment and I'm alot happier now than at the end of last year.

    Glad your enjoying the Blog - you were the inspiration behind it all. *Hugz*


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