Monday, July 04, 2005

Sunday in Warwick

1. Live Beehive @ History Museum 2. Old wigs on a fence 3. Alex and I outside Warwick Castle
4. Enjoying the sun in Warwick 5.Alex outside oldy worldy street 6. Robbie outside the castle

The sun was shining so what better chance to enjoy Sunday than going for a drive to the nearby town of Warwick. Alex and I parked the car and had a walk around the park before going into the town and looking around the History Museum. It was funky seeing the live beehive - I could have watched them for hours!
The castle looked great from the outside, one of these days I'll get inside to have a proper view. It was a great lazy afternoon and the day was rounded out nicely by visiting my mates Andy and Kelly for some food in the garden and a good chin wag.

I love British Summertime...........................................

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