Friday, April 25, 2008

Britain's Top 50 Music Millionaires

Madonna and Guy Richie

The Times 'Rich list' reveals the Top 50 Music millionaires in Britain. Madonna was the highest ranking female with £300m and Oasis brothers Noel and Liam Gallagher are worth a cool £45m. David and Victoria Beckham were worth £87m in a "Chav List" published in October 2006, but now the celebrity couple have jumped in value to £125m.

1 Clive Calder £1,300m
2 Lord Lloyd-Webber £750m
3 Sir Paul McCartney £500m
4= Simon Fuller £450m
4= Sir Cameron Mackintosh £450m
6 Madonna and Guy Ritchie £300m
7 Guy and Julia Hands £250m
8 Sir Elton John £235m
9 Sir Mick Jagger £225m
10 Robert Stigwood £212m
11 Sting £200m
12 Keith Richards £190m
13 Sir Tom Jones £170m
14= Olivia and Dhani Harrison £160m
14= Jamie Palumbo £160m
16 Sir Tim Rice £155m
17= Eric Clapton £140m
17= Phil Collins £140m
17= Ringo Starr £140m
20 David and Victoria Beckham £125m
21= Robert Bourne and Sally Green £120m
21= David Bowie £120m
21= Barry and Robin Gibb £120m
21= Rod Stewart £120m
25 Simon Cowell £112m
26= Roger Ames £110m
26= Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne £110m

Robbie Williams

28 Robbie Williams £105m
29= Chris Blackwell £100m
29=Charlie Watts £100m
31= George Michael £95m
31= Roger Waters £95m
33 David Gilmour £85m
34= Moya Doherty and John McGolgan £80m
34= Robert Plant £80m
36 Engelbert Humperdinck £79m
37= Brian May £75m
37= Jimmy Page £75m
39= Mark Knopfler £70m
39= Roger Taylor £70m
39= Chris Wright £70m
42 John Deacon £65m
43 Judy Craymer £58m
44= Nick Mason £55m
44= Van Morrison £55m
46 Sir Cliff Richard £50m
47= Noel and Liam Gallagher £45m
47= Bernie Taupin £45m
47= Prince Rupert Loewenstein £45m
50 Mick Hucknall £42m

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