Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Enemy Reveal T-Shirt Secret

Andy Hopkins wears a T-shirt with a hidden story

Coventry fans of The Enemy were left perplexed at the recent Ricoh Arena gigs by a T-shirt worn by bassist Andy Hopkins. As seen in the picture above, Andy Hopkins had printed on his T-shirt "Free The Finbarr's Two". It set tongues wagging following the hugely successful tour and now we can reveal the story behind the t-shirt.

Long time friend of The Enemy, John Kelly, is the reason Andy wore the t-shirt "Free The Finbarr's Two". John used to sell T-shirts for the band at the early gigs but was recently jailed for a year for disorder. Known for his charity work and described as "a really peaceful lad", Tom Clarke went on to explain the story of how the incident happened at the end of a night when things were heated. There was some kind of incident and "I think he had a momentary lapse."

Kelly picked up a metal stand used to secure the velvet rope into the club and brandished it. The incident was caught on CCTV and Kelly was jailed for a year.

John Kelly

"He's in prison now. He probably won't serve the full year because it's a first
offence, but I just think it's terrible that a momentary lapse ..... I think
that when you disrupt the community you should have to put something back -
maybe a bit of community service - then he might have thought twice about
jumping in. I just think it's really unfair to have a good lad, who's helped the
community anyway, put away for a year."

The Enemy dedicated "This Song" to John Kelly at the Ricoh gig while his family were among the 8,000 fans in attendance. So now you know why Andy Hopkins had the words "Free The Finbarr's Two" printed on his T-shirt, and a very fitting tribute to John Kelly who had sold many T-shirts for The Enemy.

I think I may have even bought a T-shirt from John back at the early Colosseum gig...................

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