Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Enemy: Ricoh Coventry - Review and Videos

The Enemy put on a solid performance at the sold out Ricoh Arena (Jaguar Hall) in Coventry this weekend. The 8,000 who turned up for the gig were treated to lively support bands (Lowline and Boy Kill Boy), good DJ mixing and a night to remember when The Enemy took to the stage.

Coventry can be proud of Tom Clarke, Andy Hopkins and Liam Watts - three normal lads who stood up and believed in something better than a 9 to 5 job on a minimum wage. They had the self belief that they could make it as a band and thanks to people like John Dawkins, Stiff Records and their families, The Enemy became a force to be reckoned with.

In two years they have gone from playing small pubs, to supporting big bands , to headlining their own tour. Then coming back and doing even bigger venues, as well as six nights at the Astoria in London. Yet they never forget their roots - three working class lads from Coventry. The Coventry City Football Club flag draped on stage with a Union Jack the other side, not just symbols on stage but a heart felt love for all that is Coventry, all that is life in a country where jobs are shipped abroad and skilled workers laid to rest on the scrap heap of industrial waste.

Crowded inside the venue were young men and women who could identify with the music and the message that The Enemy bring. This is why they could join in unison during "You're Not Alone" "This Song" and "We'll Live And Die In These Towns". All the songs have become anthems for a new generation, an army of young people searching for something better than the mundane jobs on offer in a supermarket city.

Tom Clarke was eager to engage the audience, you could tell this was a 20 year old who loved being home once again in Coventry. Critics had tried to say Tom didn't talk enough during the gigs, but tonight he wanted the gig to continue until 6am. Sadly, time was not on his side but the whole arena was and throughout every song they bellowed out as one voice singing with him. For many the gig will be their personal highlight of the year. The Enemy have a summer of festivals ahead, yet rest assured they will not forget Coventry.

Here are a selection of videos featuring The Enemy @ the Ricoh Coventry:

The Enemy - Pressure @ Coventry Ricoh (Jaguar Hall)

The Enemy - Technodanceaphobic @ Coventry Ricoh (Jaguar Hall)

The Enemy - We'll Live And Die In These Towns @ Coventry Ricoh (Jaguar Hall)

The Enemy - This Song @ Coventry Ricoh (Jaguar Hall)

The Enemy - Away From Here @ Coventry Ricoh (Jaguar Hall)

The Enemy - God Save The Queen @ Coventry Ricoh (Jaguar Hall)

The Enemy - You're Not Alone @ Coventry Ricoh (Jaguar Hall)

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