Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Geri Halliwell : Solo Career Ends

Geri Halliwell has announced that her solo career has ended and she will focus on writing children's books for the time being. With no plans for any new solo singles, Geri will be kept busy with the release of her first children's book Ugenia Lavender on May 2nd.

Manchester will host Geri Halliwell at a book signing on May 11th between 3pm and 4pm at the Trafford Centre. Geri plans to release a new book each month based on nine year old Ugenia Lavender.

Speaking about the recent Spice Girls reunion, Geri said:

"I feel we are just like a family. We clicked again straight away - it's just like a family travelling in a bubble. I really enjoy our relationships, but I always wish I had left the group under better circumstances, rather than just walking out. But that's exactly why I wanted to do it again."

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