Monday, April 07, 2008

The Enemy: Ricoh Arena, Coventry - Sunday Review and Videos

The Enemy surpassed themselves with their final gig at Coventry's Ricoh Arena. As if Saturday's gig hadn't been electrifying enough, Sunday was a nuclear bomb of energy and a room full of dynamite.

I thought the Sunday gig would be calmer or quieter but how wrong I was! Although the crowds were timid to begin with, it didn't take long until the party was fully going. The first support act consisted of most of the Specials including Neville Staple, which treated the Coventry crowds to ska classics like "A Message To You Rudy", "Ghost Town" and many more (Watch the videos: HERE). While the older members of the audience (and those with discerning taste) lapped up the sound of two-tone, the new generation were more into Boy Kill Boy and the Displacements as support acts for The Enemy.

Coventry grew restless as 9pm approached and the bottle battle commenced for a second night at the Jaguar Hall. Football chants and pushing kept everyone entertained, one brave young man climbed on a friends shoulders - goading the throng to throw bottles and cans at him. He wasn't disappointed as bottles hurtled towards him in vast numbers.

The Enemy rock the Ricoh!

The reason another 8,000 people had turned out in the snowy weather was solely this - The Enemy. From the moment they entered the stage until the moment they left, everyone gave 100%. The audience fuelled and ready to dance, sing and celebrate - the band were home and proud of Coventry. Fast moving songs like "Away From Here" "Technodanceaphobic" and "Pressure" meant no time to stand still and be an observer, it was dance or be crushed! Other songs slowed it down, "Sing When You're In Love" and "Happy Birthday Jane" - giving you a chance to cool down for a few minutes. Then everyone would leave with the anthem tunes of "This Song Is About You" and "We'll Live And Die In These Towns" ringing inside their heads for days to come. Arms waving and crowd surfing was the order of the night as The Enemy delivered an ever maturing set.

Here are a selection of videos from Sunday 6th gig:

The Enemy - "Sing When You're In Love" - Ricoh Arena, Coventry

The Enemy - "We'll Live And Die In These Towns" - Ricoh Arena, Coventry

The Enemy - "This Song" - Ricoh Arena, Coventry

The Enemy - "40 Days And 40 Nights" - Ricoh Arena, Coventry

The Enemy - "It's Not OK" - Ricoh Arena, Coventry

Saturday's videos can be seen:

Coventry Telegraph pictures.

Wound from the "bottle battle"

visit: - for the latest news on The Enemy.


  1. hey Rob!
    Long time no see. How r u mate?
    What a hell with this bottle battle stuff? You better wach out : )

  2. Wow you are alive!

    Glad you are OK, hope you have a fun summer in Lithuania.

    The bottle battle was a bit over the top at the gigs but almost expected as it has become "popular" to throw bottles.

    I survived with just a few bumps, but I kind of enjoyed it anyway!


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