Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Robbie Williams: The Fat Picture

Robbie Williams certainly looks a lot different these days as he stays out of the limelight during his stay in America. The former Take That singer has piled on the pounds since his career took a turn for the worse, being compared to Elvis.
To be fair, Robbie Williams has always had weight fluctuations, so it would be cruel to joke or jibe him for how he looks today. It must be hard to stay in tip top shape when your career veers off course - this is far from the end of Robbie Williams.


  1. He is trully FAT on this pics. WTF? It's a perfect man he can't be so FAT.

  2. This article is so insulting...omg...
    I'm a huge Robbie fan, and it's not true, that he's been fat always...
    They can't be serious!
    And Robbie is coming back with something huge in 2009 ... Believe me!

  3. he is ovbiously not in the gym everyday as he has no records out ..anyone who slates him for adding weight is thick as the brown smelly stuff!..get a life!

  4. Something huge in 2009? Other than his huge arse, I've seen nothing yet.

  5. i can belive!!!! its just a few pounds
    he is super hot!!!!


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