Friday, May 01, 2009

Twitter Hacked

Twitter has been hacked, with internal security being compromised by a French hacker. Known as 'Croll', the hacker posted screen grabs of his exploits on a French forum to prove what he had been able to do.

Croll had been able to log into the account of Jason Goldman, Twitter’s director of product management. The embarrassment was confirmed by Twitter founder Biz Stone, who said that “unauthorized access” was gained by an outside party this week, but only 10 individual accounts were viewed during this unlawful access period.

Since the hack, security has been stepped up and all areas are being looked at to avoid further compromises. The hacker claims to have been able view famous accounts like Lily Allen, Britney Spears, U.S President Barack Obama and with over a million Twitter followers, Ashton Kutcher. Twitter has become this year's must-have social website with growth rates of 1382% in February alone.

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