Friday, May 08, 2009

Richard and Judy Quit Chat Show

Richard and Judy have announced they have quit their chat show on Watch TV, ending a 20 year award winning partnership. The show comes to an end on July 3rd and the couple will not be returning together in the near future.

The shows format failed to attract viewers - falling to a low of 8,000 and a far cry from the millions who tuned in during their time at Channel 4 and ITV. The couple have always been honest about the venture to Watch TV and said, "Some you win, some you lose. It's a shame we couldn't get this one to fly because both we and our brilliant young production team were genuinely proud of the show and the guests it attracted."

"But it became obvious that it wasn't the right fit with a brand new pay-for-view digital channel. TV is all about taking risks and that means sometimes you fail. It was a really worthwhile experiment and we don’t regret it at all."

No future projects have been announced yet, Richard and Judy have not ruled out working independently from each other as well as together.

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